The more hand, the better the bag.

The elegant short-handled bag, Heidelberg Number 5557, handmade by Picard. By the best trained specialists who craft the high-quality materials to perfection. Many precision work stages are required to create a gem like the Heidelberg 5557 by Picard. Almost for eternity. A handbag worthy of the name.


  1. Leather selected
  2. Accessories designed and selected
  3. Cut to size by punching machine or cutting table
  4. Leather edges sharpened
  5. Untreated edges dyed
  6. Edges turned down
  7. The bag is glued together
  8. Marriage: the outer part is combined with the inner part
  9. The bag is then stitched
  10. Dyed edges polished
  11. bag is cleaned, finished and labelled
  12. The 5557 heidelberg from picard